12" Macbook - First impressions

I'm back! I know it's been a while since I blogged the last time - but 2018 is gonna change that!....I hope :P

Anyway's, bought this little sucker today (second generation) - after reading and watching sooo many review's of Macbook 12" (MB) vs. Macbook Pro (MBP) the last 14 day's. The MB is meant to be an upgrade of my Macbook Air "13 (2013) model, that I've been looking to replace for some time. I loooooove the Air (weight and screen size) - but when it comes to external monitor/4K, my 2013 model fails badly. Was able to get 4K @ 30Hz (through a Thinkpad Ultra dock), but that's just awful - cant deal with the amount of lag on the screen. I'm gonna mainly use this MB at home, but also for work, so 4K @ 60Hz is a must for me (or similar resolution). Using a 28" Samsung (u28d590d) screen at work.

Went to the Store this morning to feel both and it did not take me 5 mins to pick the MB over the MBP. The weight was to much on the Pro for me when standing with one of each. I guess I'm an ultrabook kind-of-guy.

In the reviews I seen the main considerations was the keyboard and performance as main factors. Let me say now; I loooooove the keyboard. It's like it's super-charging my typing skills and I really like it - so far. I've never tested Butterfly v1 vs. this v2 i got now, so I cant say If it has improved since the first version. Performance so far; no problem. I've used it all day with all kinds of task running. Also set it up with a Win10 VM (1 processor/3GB in VMware Fusion) for work - no issues, no lag. The no-fan in this MB was also a kind of a deal breaker for me, since I have tinitus - I cant stand fan noise. Where ppl I know say's; "it's little" - I say it's loud...I'm extremely sensitive to fan noise.

My main use cases for this MB will be: browser work, coding in various apps, ms apps running, vm running windows (with all the bloatware) and blasting my ears through BT; spotify!

Will report back with my findings when I've had some more time with this little badboy.

P.S. Space Grey is the most awesome colour Apple have ever used on any laptop come out of Cupertino! :D