Syspeople & the Gazelle statuette

We are a small company with a huge focus on our customers and we have a great understanding of "what and where is a great place to work". Our values are "stoned on our walls" and we thrive to achieve them - as individuals, but also as a company. That's my impression of the company - not Syspeople.

I started working for Syspeople ApS as of August 5. 2016. My job was to be a "Systems Consultant" and I was pretty excited about that, I've never worked as a Consultant before. A week in the job I got to feel the great spirit of being part of a small company like this - people DO really care when they talk to you and WANT to hear your opinion on things. Something I might toke for granted, when working for a big large company like Wolseley PLC. Being part of a small team just endorse you to speak up on your opinions and not just sit "in the back row"...

Before I started working and accepting the contract that Syspeople offered me, I looked into the economics of the company. I simply wanted to learn that if the whole company would "go south" and I would be without a job within the year - if I said yes to the job. All stats on what I could find said: "hell no". I accepted the job offer and today I'm happy to say; I've not regretted it one minute.

That is why it is with great pleasure I can announce that Syspeople, in this month received the Danish Gazelle award which is only handed out to fastly growing danish companies - like Syspeople! That is just really awesome and great news in my ears and it really convince me that I did the right choice back in 2016!

Congrats Team Syspeople!